GRADES K2 - 12

Since 1993, ALC’s field trip program has provided Bahamian students with the opportunity to visit our facility for a dynamic, hands-on, and unforgettable educational adventure. This program is fully endorsed by the Bahamian Ministry of Education as a valuable experience for students that supplements and complements the National Curriculum.



The planetarium has a 24 foot dome with a newly installed Discovery Dome full dome projection system and surround sound audio.

The planetarium can seat approximately 65 students and currently presents full dome movies on astronomy related topics for students in Grades 1-9. It also presents program such as “The Star of Bethlehem” which overviews possible scenarios for the star that directed the wise men towards the Christ child, an IMAX film called “The Grand Canyon Adventure” which transports the viewer on an amazing rafting trip down the grand canyon. It is narrated by Robert Redford highlighting a water conservation message. We also show other viewings such as Adventure through The Human Body to support our Biology Program. These teaching program present students with the awesome wonders of creation which exemplify the greatness of our loving God.  More so, this Dome Planetarium serves as our main Indoor Facility which serves as a captive arena to share the message of Jesus Christ in a theatre-style setting.





GRADES 7 - 12

Our High School Program supports the demands of teens by providing them with leadership and empowerment training in alignment with The John Maxwell Team. 


Additionally, this program allows us to partner with schools and community organisations to add value to the lives of teens and youth and by so doing, positive impacting our communities.  We also take our message into the schools through various methods to fulfil the mandate of the great commission to go into all the world and make disciples of all men.



Friday Nights at Adventure serves as our main weekend community outreach where we connect with the teens in our communities through various on-property activities to enhance their faith and have fun !


GRADES 5 - 6

Adventure Clubs exist to provide a fun, educational, and inspirational weekly after-school club for students in Grade 5 and 6.

Each club provides members with a laboratory to discover Christian discipleship as a 5th or 6th grader. An intentional variety of skills and concepts are taught during club sessions to encourage each club member to discover, pursue, and use their God-given gifts and talents for the glory of God and the benefit of the community. Scripture is taught each week with a challenge to memorize the passage of the week.

Activities taught in Adventure Clubs correspond with the gifts, talents and resources of current staff and volunteers at the Adventure Learning Centre. Activities we have offered include team challenges, outdoor games, animal encounters, crafts, dance, music, karate, drama, and science experiments.



Our Adventure Play Kingdom allows kids to explore their sense of fun in a world that belongs to them.

Our Animal Encounters provides up close interactions with dozens of animals in our structured or free-touring indoor and outdoor environments

ranging from horse rides to raccoons to Bahamian boa constrictors snakes.


Our Wetland Safari Experience allows persons to walk or take a train ride into our vast wetland and marvel at the wonders of Gods's creation while learning about the brilliant resilience of the Wetland and Mangroves.

Our Tours are now open to the public to explore the property in a safe and christian environment.

Events at Adventure can range from Birthday Parties to Family Reunions to Photo Shots to Corporate and Church Retreats to renting one of our modern meeting rooms for your event.

Easter Monday Funday

Christmas Lights Drive Through and Festival 

Summer Camp

Community Outreach